Tuesday, July 1, 2014

EEG Results are In.....Clarified.

After emailing our neurologist and also leaving a voicemail in the morning, I finally got a call back early this afternoon.  It was actually refreshing to speak to the doctor and hear his take of the EEG reading…and it was good!

He explained that the focal abnormalities noted in the reading were non-specific and did not indicate epileptic activity.  So to sum it up in non-medical speak – those abnormalities could mean something in the future…or mean absolutely nothing.  His overall assessment of the EEG was that the hypsarrhythmia was resolved and everything looked good.  He was pleased with the results and we should be too.

I was pretty happy to hear these words from him because he is very direct and straight forward.  If there was something to be concerned about, he would lay it out there.  That is not to say that those abnormalities couldn’t eventually lead to an epileptic disorder, which is a possibility.  However, as of today, there isn’t a reason to stress or worry over the possibilities of future seizures or epileptic disorders.  In his words, we should be very happy with these results and enjoy the fact that the EEG reading has improved from the last time.  So we plan to take his advice!

Today was a good day.  Let me be perfectly honest in saying we are not delusional by any means.  We understand we still have a long road ahead of us.  All I know is we feel 100 times better today than we did yesterday and we should be able to enjoy this feeling.  Tomorrow we will focus again on staying the course – continuing to treat the spasms, then the follow up genetic counselor appointment, the next neurology appointment, and then who knows.  So we’ll stay the course and give our baby girl a big kiss every day.

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  1. Yeah!!! This is great news!!!! We are across the street if you need anything at all!!! Tessa and Steve