Sunday, June 15, 2014

Happy Father's Day!!

Bex is one lucky little girl to have Chris as her daddy! Not sure if it is a fluke or a side effect of the ACTH, but she was awake all day today. Thankfully, she was in a good mood, despite refusing to take a nap, so Chris was able get a lot of good quality time with her.

After our week in the hospital last week, we couldn't have given him a better Father's Day gift.

She is a pretty charming little girl because in the last 7 and a half months, she has managed to wrap her dad as well as her grandfathers and great-grandfathers around her little finger. 

Happy Father's Day Pappy, Great-Gampa, Buelo, and Pawpaw!!! 

She also has one special great-grandfather watching over and cheering her on from above!!

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