Friday, June 13, 2014

We are HOME!!! :)

Bex has been ready for discharge for the past few days, but we were waiting for her injections to be delivered to our house. While we hate being in the hospital, we cannot say enough positive things about the staff at the Children's Hospital. They are absolutely wonderful!  Finding out you will be giving your seven month old baby shots for 8 weeks is terrifying and nerve wracking. The nurses were so patient with us and helped Chris and I gain the confidence we need to give Bex her shots at home. All three of us are looking forward to sleeping in our own bed (or crib) tonight without someone barging in every 4 hours for vital checks! :)

I also wanted to give another update from my original email. The initial report delivered to us about her second MRI was the white matter was pretty much the same. However, the neurologist and genetics doctor both reported improvement in her white matter since October. While it may not be exactly where it should be, there has been growth and improvement in the last 7 months and we both feel that is a huge positive!


  1. Bex is adorable and beautiful and the light of your lives. We ARE praying for her and you. Believe in the power of prayer. xo

  2. Glad you are home and have some positive news. We are sending prayers your way for this darling, little girl.