Saturday, December 6, 2014

No Zebras here!

We had a productive week with Miss Bexley.  The first order of business was a visit to the pediatric dentist.  If you remember from our last blog post, our pediatrician made the recommendation that Bex should see a dentist because she still doesn't have any teeth.  At first I was a little annoyed about this, because I figured we still had some time before we should be too concerned about the lack of teeth.  However, I can understand with Bex's history that he would refer us to someone.

Yet, as expected, the hoofbeats were horses and not zebras.  The dentist showed us Bex's gums and told us there were a bunch of teeth willing and ready to come out.  So for now we just have to continue to play the waiting game until those pearly whites make their appearance.

That was a nice win in our book and there were two more as well!  Bex has started saying "ma ma" consistently.  While she is not necessarily correlating it with Lindsey, the fact that it is moving into the babbling stage of speech is promising.  This is important because Topomax (her seizure medication) can delay speech.  So she's moving in the right direction even with the hurdle of a medication side effect to overcome!  Now I just have to bribe Bex to start saying "da da."

The other HUGE win for Bex was that she turned over from her back to her stomach!!!  We have been waiting for her to do this consistently and she did it 5 times today!  She even did it for her Buela (grandma) on performing in front of a crowd.  It was actually a nice surprise, because she didn't necessarily have the best physical therapy session yesterday.  She was a bit of a grouch to say the her daddy when he doesn't get his coffee in the morning.  We couldn't be more proud of her.  Today was one of those days where Lindsey and I felt that all of the tough PT sessions or constant hours of work throughout the day with Bex are totally worth it.

I've said it before and I'll say it baby girl will move mountains!!!

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